Prices and terms of paymentcircle_termsandconditions
All prices mentioned are excl. tax. Every advertisement is billed right after the date of publishing/the campaign start. The deadline for payment is 30 days after the date of publishing/the campaign start. In case the deadline for payment is exceeded, an additional cost of 2% pr. started month will occur. In certain cases, made4media can demand that the advertisement is prepaid.

made4media and the publisher are not accountable for errors in advertisements that are booked in agreement with the advertiser’s conditions. This is also valid for material received from other media, material not in agreement with the technical data, or in cases where the deadline for material is exceeded.

In case of misprint, wrong sizes, dates etc. for which the advertiser or bureau is not responsible, there will be a reduction estimated by made4media, which cannot exceed the cost of the advertisement and insertion in the media. Complaints due to misprint, wrong colors etc. must be received by made4media no later than 5 days after the insertion of the advertisement.

Should an advertisement be inserted more than once with the same error without made4media receiving a complaint, only the fi rst insert is subject to a possible discount. In case of incorrect, delayed or missing inserts, made4media/publisher cannot be held responsible for compensation claims.

Cancellation of an order must happen by writing to made4media no later than 5 working days prior to the deadline for ordering. All deadlines can be found at Advertisements, for which special placements are ordered, cannot be cancelled without prior agreement with made4media.

In case of cancellation, any discount given in conjunction with previous or other advertising, will be adjusted and reduced accordingly on the following invoice.

Other terms
made4media reserves the right to reject advertisements that go against the publisher’s interests or current rules and regulations. Advertisement orders which contain conditions of referrals through text will be rejected. Any advertisement which can be mistaken for editorial content must, at the advertiser’s expense, be supplied with the word ”advertisement” directly above a line stretching the full width of the advertisement.